Michelle McKinley On Fractional Freedoms
Professor Michelle McKinley, the Bernard B. Kliks Associate Professor of Law at the University of Oregon School of Law, discusses her forthcoming book Fractional Freedoms: Slavery, Intimacy, and Legal Mobilization in Colonial Lima, 1600-1700 (Cambridge ...
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Robert Gordon on Taming the Past
Professor Robert Gordon of Stanford Law School discusses his forthcoming book: a collection of essays entitled Law in History, History in Law: Taming the Past. The essays examine the ways in which lawyers make use of history and attempt to “tame” it ...
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Sophia Lee and Michelle McKinley on Archival Finds
What makes an archival visit go from good to great? Professors Michelle McKinley of Oregon University School of Law and Sophia Lee of the University of Pennsylvania Law School discuss "happenstance discoveries" made in the archives and the significance ...
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States of Dependency: Welfare, Rights, and American Governance, 1935-1972
Karen M. Tani

April 2016. Order online through Amazon. ISBN: 9781107613218.

Who bears responsibility for the poor, and who may exercise the power that comes with that responsibility? Amid the Great Depression, American reformers answered this question ...
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The Old English Penitentials and Anglo-Saxon Law
Stefan Jurasinski.

April 2015.

In this book, Stefan Jurasinski offers a rich new insight into the nature of law and society in Anglo-Saxon England through a close study of penitential texts, written in the vernacular for priestly use. As these texts ...
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About the Book Series

This series aims to publish the highest quality work in legal history by both junior and senior scholars. Our goal is to produce monographs that take a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches, but always with respect for historical and legal change. The series is dedicated to the understanding of law as both a product of and contributor to history.

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ASLH Membership Information

The American Society for Legal History offers numerous benefits for scholars of legal history. The society holds annual conferences to foster intellectual development in legal history worldwide. While the organization is primarily based within the United States, its membership and its scope are international.

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Get to know the ASLH Book Series Editors: Holly Brewer, Sarah Barringer (Sally) Gordon, and Michael Lobban.

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