About the Book Series

This series aims to publish the highest quality work in legal history by both junior and senior scholars.  Our goal is to produce monographs that take a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches, but always with respect for historical and legal change. The series is dedicated to the understanding of law as both a product of and contributor to history. 

We are interested in questions of how law shapes culture, power, and society, and vice versa, as well as in the people who shape the law, and in how laws shape human choices and how and why it reshapes them over time.  We are sometimes interested as well in purely doctrinal issues, but usually only if they have implications for understanding these larger questions of society, culture, and power.

The editors are committed to working closely and collaboratively with authors to produce both effective and accessible monographs in all fields of the discipline. We are convinced that truly excellent scholarship will remain central to historical work in law, and we will work hard to ensure that authors speak to the broadest audience possible in their books.