Upcoming Publications

  • Tax Law and Social Norms in Mandatory Palestine and Israel Assaf Likhovski. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in May 2017. This book describes how a social-norms model of taxation rose and fell in British-ruled Palestine and the State of Israel in the mid-twentieth century. Such a model, in which non-legal means were used to foster compliance, appeared in the tax system created by the Jewish community ... Read more
  • Sovereignty, International Law, and the French Revolution Edward James Kolla. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press inĀ August 2017. The advent of the principle of popular sovereignty during the French Revolution inspired an unintended but momentous change in international law. Edward James Kolla explains that between 1789 and 1799, the idea that peoples ought to determine their fates in international affairs, just as they were ... Read more
  • Law in History, History in Law: Taming the Past Robert W. Gordon. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in May 2016. ListenĀ here as Professor Gordon discusses his book. Lawyers and judges often make arguments based on history – on the authority of precedent and original constitutional understandings. They argue both to preserve the inspirational, heroic past and to discard its darker pieces – such as feudalism and ... Read more